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Snow Plowing, Snow Removal and De-Icing Contract Thoughts

Monday, July 14th, 2014

We know it’s July and one of the last things on your mind is snow removal, snow plowing and/or salt applications; but really, this is a great time to plan for the upcoming winter season. You can think “level headed” about your snow removal needs and not feel rushed into your decisions at this time. July also lets you remember, as it was not too long ago, last winter’s pros and cons of your snow service provider.

Right now we here at A.G. Landscape Materials are working on our contracts for the Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, Roselle and Schaumburg areas. We will most likely be working on contract finalizing right up to the first snow fall! Now is a great time to decide if a “per push” or a “fixed rate” snow plowing contract fits your needs and/or budgets better. It is also a great time to determine or decide what level of service you will need.

Whether your needs are for a single residential or multi-family residential subdivision, a commercial or industrial lot, or a retail/restaurant center, we are up to the hardest winter challenges. We have the equipment necessary for the harshest winter weather including trucks, tractors, and salt applicators and we have the de-icing chemical inventory necessary to sell to commercial contractors throughout the Chicagoland area.

If you are in need for a competitive snow removal, snow plowing, or de-icing application contract, please call us at (630) 295-8190 or contact us through our website at and fill out a quote form.

Repel Mosquitoes – Naturally

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Summer – truly the outdoor season for most – has begun. It’s the season of picnics, bar-b-ques, baseball games, and relaxing. But nothing ruins the outdoor festivities more than annoying insects, especially mosquitoes. Did you know that there are a lot of natural repellants you can use as opposed to the chemically filled commercial options? Here are a few:

1. Plants – there are several different plants you can incorporate into your landscape, vegetable garden or just in containers that have been known to repel mosquitoes.

A. Citronella (in the Chicago area, plant in containers). You can also make candles
with this plant, another mosquito repellant.
B. Catnip
C. Lavender
D. Lemon Balm
E. Marigold
F. Penneyroyal
G. Garlic
H Peppermint
I. Rosemary
J. Geranium

2. Try using LED Lights or Yellow Lights

3. Attract Bats – Install a Bat House on your property – Bats are known to eat 1,000 mosquitoes in a night.

4. Burn an Outdoor Fire – for added protection, add a few bunches of sage to the fire. Don’t have an outdoor fireplace? A.G. Landscape Materials can provide you with the materials you need to install an outdoor firepit along with any instructions or guidance you need.

5. Get Rid of Standing Water – This may require you to install a drain tile system – again
we here at A.G. Landscape Materials would be happy to assist you any way we can
with that. If you have a pond in your yard, consider installing an aerator to move the
water around.

Of course, there are probably other natural ways to ward off those pesky mosquitoes but these are a few simple ideas. If you try any of these, I’d love to hear your success stories.

For assistance or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (630) 295-8190 or through our web-site at

Applications for Various Types of Gravel

Friday, March 28th, 2014

This seems to be a Chicago winter that keeps on keepin’ on. I think we’re all ready for Spring to fully arrive. On the bright side, most of the snow has melted and it didn’t cause a huge flooding issue, temperatures are on the rise, daylight is getting longer, and here at A.G. Landscape Materials the phones are beginning to ring a little more often. These are all sure signs that Spring is definitely coming.

Although it’s still early for topsoil, garden mix, compost and other soil based products – Gravel is in stock and ready to be sold.

There are all sorts of gravels with a wide variety of uses. Here is a list of what we carry and a few examples of uses.

Grade 8 Gravel – 3/4” Fractured Limestone with Fines – Great for driveways, parking spots base for brick/cement – Compactable

CA-7 – 3/4” Fractured Limestone without Fines – recommended by some villages/townships for drain tile installation, a good stone to use as back fill for a retaining wall, also a good stone for driveways and parking spaces, can be used under a shed

CA-5– 1” – 1.5” Fractures Limestone without Fines – could be used as driveway stone, also as a decorative stone

3/4” Washed Rounds – Sandstone Based stone – Between Pea Size & 3/4” – Great for dog runs, Drain Tile Work, and as a decorative stone

1” – 1.5” Washed Rounds – Sandstone Based Stone – Great for decorative purposes, dog runs, around pools

Pea Gravel – Sandstone Based Stone – pea size – Versatile gravel – Can be used for pathways, base in planting pots,

Of course, there are many other types of gravel, but these are ones we stock here at A.G. Landscape Materials. If you’re still not sure which type of stone to use for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at (630) 295-8190 or e-mail us through our web-site at We always happy to help. We can deliver your stone Monday through Saturday here in the Chicago area or you can pick up from our yard in Roselle, IL.

We’re looking forward to spring and helping you all with your projects

Looking Forward to Spring 2014

Monday, February 24th, 2014

As we close out the winter season, we are looking forward to the coming spring season and all it has to offer (especially, after this past winter). It is only the end of February as I write this. The ground is frozen quite deeply and it is covered by snow. Last week gave us a taste of semi-spring temperatures with a couple days in the 40s. However, this week brought us back to winter. Temperatures in the single digits and a forecast of a couple days of snow. What a way to start March. But it is not unusual for spring to wait until the middle/end of March to get going. After a winter like this one I hope that you are all anxious to get into your gardens, do your spring clean-up and assess your lawns. Be assured that we here at A.G. VanGundy Landscape Materials are able to help you in all your bulk landscape material needs. After the thaw, we will have the compost, mulch and topsoil that you will need here in the Chicago area. If you don’t know how much material you will need or even which type of material is best for your application, we are here to help. You can either call us at (630) 295-8190 or e-mail us a quote form or contact form through our web-site at We will do our best to help you figure out the amount of material you will need, based on your dimensions.

Once the snow melts and your lawn is exposed, you may be shocked as to the condition. Often, after this must snow cover, lawns will be in need of a renovation or a “perk up”. The process is not difficult and will give you a great lawn for the rest of the year. You can refer to our blogs relating to lawn renovations through our website for detailed instructions or you can always call us and we can walk you through the process. We have in stock the grass seed you will need for Sunny or Shady areas, we can guide you with the fertilizer needs and the soils, we even have erosion control blankets for new areas.

Our knowledgeable staff has much experience and I, personally, have worked in the ornamental horticulture field since 1975. My staff and I are happy to help. Let’s hope for a great spring with warm temperatures & just enough rain to get those May flowers growing.

Easy Fall Clean Ups

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Halloween has come and gone, Daylight Savings Time is over, and the Holidays will be here sooner than we know. So, now is the time to get your fall landscape projects done. Even a simple fall clean up will do wonders for your lawn and give you a bit of a head start for spring planting. When doing your fall clean up, be sure to pickup as many of the leaves that you can. I know it is virtually impossible to get them all, but the more you pick up now, the easier it will be for your yard to “breathe” throughout the winter. Here’s a little trick: Rake/Pick up what you can in your yard and planting beds. Dispose of them either into a compost pile in the corner of your yard or through your disposal company. Then, whatever is left in your yard, run your mower over them and mulch them into your yard.

If you’re on the ambitious side, you might want to give your planting beds a bit of a head start. Add some topsoil or compost or a combination of the two (2) to your existing beds. Then top off with a layer of mulch. I would recommend the Premium Bark Mulch or the Double Ground Hardwood Mulch for this time of year. The mulch will serve a variety of purposes:

1. Control the root zone temperatures
2. Help retain moisture
3. As the mulch decomposes over the winter, it will break down into your soil and make your soil almost compost-like.

Of course, in the Chicago-land area you can get your mulch, topsoil & compost from us here at A.G. Landscape Materials at 24 W 733 Lake Street, Roselle, IL. You can come into our yard and pick up the bulk material or you can call us at (630) 295-8190 or e-mail us through our web-site at and order the material for delivery to your home or business.

In addition to the fall landscaping projects you may have going on, don’t forget to get your firewood. Our Mixed Firewood is split, seasoned, and ready to burn. So after working outside in the chilly air, come into your home and relax in front of roaring fire and warm up.