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Snow Plowing, Snow Removal and De-Icing Contract Thoughts

Monday, July 14th, 2014

We know it’s July and one of the last things on your mind is snow removal, snow plowing and/or salt applications; but really, this is a great time to plan for the upcoming winter season. You can think “level headed” about your snow removal needs and not feel rushed into your decisions at this time. July also lets you remember, as it was not too long ago, last winter’s pros and cons of your snow service provider.

Right now we here at A.G. Landscape Materials are working on our contracts for the Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, Roselle and Schaumburg areas. We will most likely be working on contract finalizing right up to the first snow fall! Now is a great time to decide if a “per push” or a “fixed rate” snow plowing contract fits your needs and/or budgets better. It is also a great time to determine or decide what level of service you will need.

Whether your needs are for a single residential or multi-family residential subdivision, a commercial or industrial lot, or a retail/restaurant center, we are up to the hardest winter challenges. We have the equipment necessary for the harshest winter weather including trucks, tractors, and salt applicators and we have the de-icing chemical inventory necessary to sell to commercial contractors throughout the Chicagoland area.

If you are in need for a competitive snow removal, snow plowing, or de-icing application contract, please call us at (630) 295-8190 or contact us through our website at and fill out a quote form.

Thoughts on the Week-End

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

A few thoughts on the past week-end…..

Its “official” Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow. We’re in for an early spring!!!! Well, that happened on Saturday which happens to coincide with the heaviest snow fall of the season here in the Chicago area. A little ironic – no?

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. Not sure how many of you know it, but I’m a huge Bears fan; so without the Bears in it to cheer for and no Packers to cheer against, I was able to enjoy the game just for the game. I thought the game was way more enjoyable than a lot of the commercials. Although, I had a few favorites: God Made a Farmer (Dodge Trucks), Clydesdale “Landslide” (Budweiser), and the Jeep commercial honoring our Vets.

After snow plowing on Saturday, I was able to enjoy the rest of the week-end mostly relaxing in the family room accompanied by a roaring fire that was started using firewood from A.G. Landscape Materials, Inc. I know we have plenty of firewood available for pick up here at our yard in Roselle, IL or for delivery in the Chicagoland area. You can e-mail us through our website at or call us at (630) 295-8190 for pricing and hours.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is February 14th!!!!!

Winter in Chicagoland

Monday, January 28th, 2013

We finally experienced some real Chicago winter weather this past week or so. We’ve had freezing temperatures, plowable snow, freezing rain and even a thunderstorm the past few days. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the lightning and heard the thunder while watching the Blackhawks win their 6th straight game last night. When it was so cold last week, we burned a lot of firewood. Having a fire in the fireplace certainly took the edge off. Now that these next few days will be on the warmer side, we probably won’t burn as much. However, we really seem to enjoy the ambience that the wood from A.G. Landscape Materials provides.

The weather seems to be a major topic of conversation here in the Chicago area. Not much snow, which I know probably upsets just as many people as it makes happy, and the really cold, which I don’t know if that thrills anyone. Where do you stand? Personally, I thought I liked the snow and cold. I’ve even thought about moving to Minnesota in the future. Guess what? As I get older – the more I realize I don’t really like the snow and cold, except for the fact that my income is based on snow (for plowing) and cold (for firewood) during these months, I could live somewhere mild all year long. I’ll have to rethink my retirement plans.

In the mean time, I think I’ll start planning for this upcoming landscaping season. At home, I’ll take a walk around my yard and try to get some ideas and start my “to do” list. I’ll think about the color palette of the plants that I currently have and decide which direction I want to go this year. At the A.G. Landscape Material yard, I’ll start getting in my pricing, look for new products to offer, clean up the office and hopefully some more firewood.

I encourage you to start planning for the spring – it’ll be here before you know it. If you want to discuss your plans or order firewood for the remainder of the winter, don’t hesitate to call us as (630) 295-8190 or e-mail us through our website at If you’re not getting our regular e-mails, go to our web site and sign up. I think you’ll enjoy the tips, offers and discounts we offer.

Purchasing Firewood

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

I know I seem to blog a lot about firewood, but there is so much confusion out there regarding firewood I just feel the need to educate consumers the best that I can. Whether you purchase your firewood from A.G. Landscape Materials, Inc. or from another source, I hope that you consider some of this information so that you do get the right product.

Let’s start with types of firewood – Of course, you can burn practically any type of tree wood that is available. However, there are some “woods” that I don’t recommend for indoor fireplaces. These woods include Spruces, Pines, Firs, any type of “soft” evergreen which may actually cause damage or facilitate the deposit of creosote in your chimney. Here at A.G. Landscape Materials, Inc. we sell Oak firewood and Mixed Firewood. Our Oak includes Red and White Oak. Oak is a harder, denser wood than the majority of the mixed wood that we sell. The Oak will normally burn at a higher therm rate which will result in a hotter fire. The coals which form from the Oak will also add to the heat and the Oak will also burn longer than the Mixed. Some people find that the Oak may be a little hard to start because of the denseness, but once it catches, it burns. We also sell a Mixed Firewood. Our Mixed firewood consists of predominately Maples, Locust, Ash and Oak, although other varieties are also found within the various face cords that we stack here. Some of those woods include Hickory, Walnut, Alder, Cherry and some Birch – remember not all face cords will include all these different types of wood. The Mixed firewood tends to burn a little faster than the straight Oak and common theory is that because it burns at an overall lower therm rate, the fire tends to be not as hot; however, from my personal experience, I have found that the Mixed firewood provides plenty of warmth, especially in the room the fireplace is located. The flames from the mixed wood are usually a little more “showy”, a little more flame, less coals, a little more color within the flames. Some people think an overall prettier fire.

Seasoned Firewood is wood that has been cut and split and has sat for a period of time so that the moisture draws out of the wood. Usually, firewood should sit a minimum of 9 – 13 months in order to be seasoned. Of course, the longer it sits the more ‘seasoned” it becomes. The firewood that we sell here has been sitting at least 10 months – in most cases a minimum of 12 months. In order to ensure the readiness of the firewood, I will do a test burn from the different stacks. This way I personally know that the firewood I sell is ready to burn.

Next, I’d like to address the quantities in which firewood is sold. Firewood is normally sold in Full Cords, Face Cords, ½ Face Cords, Ricks, and Bundles. The most common quantity we sell here at A.G. Landscape Materials is a Face Cord. A face cord is an increment of stacked firewood. The stacked firewood should measure 4’ X 8’ X 1 log. The number of pieces of firewood varies, depending on the size of the pieces. Another factor in determining the number of pieces within the face cord is how it is stacked. We cross-stack the firewood at the ends, this makes for a more stable stack of wood. Some companies will cross-stack the entire face cord, this does result in a little more air getting through, but it also results in less firewood and since my customers don’t pay by the piece, I want to provide as much firewood within the face cord or ½ face cord that I can. Full Cords are 3 face cords. When it is stacked it is normally 4’ X 8’ X 3 pieces deep. Half Face Cords are just that; stacked wood that is 2’ X 8’ or 4’ X 4’. We sell in 30 piece and 60 piece ricks also. Obviously ricks are more than a bundle (which contains 5 – 10 pieces) but less than ½ Face Cord.

Where To Store Firewood – Personally, I like to store my firewood outdoors at my home. Keeping it outside enhances the seasoning process as the wind/air will maintain he dryness of the wood. I do throw a tarp over the top of the wood, just to keep the snow and rain off. Some of my customers like to keep their wood in the garage as that’s the most convenient place, especially when there’s a rack in which to stack the firewood. This isn’t a bad idea, however, be warned that as warmer weather approaches the wood may attract insects. Storing in the basement is my least favorite option, although a viable one. Most basements are rather high in humidity and therefore can actually put more moisture into the wood. However, barring any other alternatives, it’s not horrible.

Firewood is available year round here at A.G. Landscape Materials. As expected, the fall/winter months are our busiest, but with the popularity of outdoor firepits and outdoor fireplaces we sell a lot of firewood in the spring/summer months as well. More and more people are cooking with firewood, too. For cooking/smoking purposes, I would recommend using the Oak firewood. Some people prefer to remove most of the bark when cooking with it; leaving the bark on gives your food a very intense smoky flavor.

Keep in mind that my yard is open to the public, so that you are more than welcome to come to our location at 24 W 733 Lake Street, in Roselle, IL to see the firewood yourself. Once you’re here, purchase 30 or 60 pieces. Maybe purchase 30 of Mixed and 30 of Oak, that way when you get home you can play with the different types of wood and see which one you like better. Or, if you like what you see you, can set up a delivery. We do also offer stacking services, with a few restrictions.

The main point when ordering firewood is to be sure that you are getting it from a reputable seller.

Please check out our website at for more information or call us at (630) 295-8190 for our hours.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The holiday season seems to be in full swing. Is it just me or does it seem like the neighborhoods are decorated more this year than in past years? Maybe it has to do with the extremely warm/mild season we’re experiencing or maybe there’s a little more holiday spirit in the air. Whatever it is it’s really nice to see.

Speaking of the holidays… how’s the shopping going? Here’s a thought for a hard to buy for person – How about firewood? Whether they have an indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit the wood sold here at A.G. Landscape Materials, in Roselle, Illinois is already seasoned and ready to burn.

You can have us deliver a ½ Face Cord or more of firewood to practically anywhere in the Chicagoland area (we’ll even place a bow on it) or you can pick up as little as 30 pieces ($25.00 for mixed) here at our yard at 24 W 733 Lake Street in Roselle, Illinois.

For the gardener on your list, we have gift certificates available. You can purchase any denomination that fits into your budget. Your recipient will be able to use it toward purchase of such things as topsoil, garden mix, compost, mulch… Any gardener would appreciate that.

If you’re looking for a substantial gift, how about purchasing a fire pit kit? We can deliver the materials (either now or in the spring) for the do-it-yourselfer on your list. Constructing a fire pit is an easy project that can normally be completed within a week-end. Check out our blog that was originally posted in October, 2011 for installation instructions, of course you can always call us at (630) 295-8190 or go to our website at for more information.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.