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There are dozens of applications and uses for gravel and stone in landscaping – that’s why here at A.G. VanGundy Landscape Materials we carry a variety of gravel/stone.

Grade 8 – Crushed, limestone based, construction gravel (sometimes called driveway stone). Grade 8 is approx. ¾” fractured limestone based stone with a lot of fines. Some of the uses include base for concrete/brick, driveways, base for retaining walls, a good walking path.

CA-7 – Washed Grade 8 – Limestone based (approx. ¾”) fractured stone – no fines. Sometimes called “A Poor Man’s Marble”. Excellent for cement pad base, good for drainage, under decks and behind retaining walls.

Pea Gravel – Pea sized rounded stone. Pea gravel has a wide variety of uses including, drainage, fill, dog runs (for small dogs), and decorative purposes.

¾” Washed Rounds – Considered to be construction grade gravel. Stone is is up to approx. ¾” rounds and contains very little, if any, fines. Excellent for dog runs, planting areas, under decks, drain tile, fill behind retaining wall.

1” – 1.5” Washed Rounds – Often called “Pond Rock” it is also considered to be a construction grade gravel, but it is an excellent stone for decorative purposes. It’s a great drainage stone and is good in dog runs for medium to large dogs. A lot of our customers use it around their pools and find it very similar to American Heritage at a less than ½ the cost.

Limestone Screenings – Limestone fines, looks like sand. It will set solid after installing. It is a great base for small walkways and for filling in between flagstone. It can also be used for walking paths and base for pavers.

Torpedo Sand – Although not really “gravel” torpedo sand has similar application capabilities to limestone screenings. It is easily compactable; it is an excellent bedding layer for your pavers. NOTE: Don’t confuse this with fine/play sand, it is really too course to be used under pools and in sand boxes.

There are literally hundreds of different types of gravel available here in the Chicago area. If we don’t carry the gravel you’re looking for, please call us and we’ll try to locate it for you.

Call us at (630) 295-8190 if you have specific questions regarding gravels and their applications or if you just need general information. If you prefer, fill out and Estimate Request Form and we’ll get back to you with the information you need.