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MulchAG Landscape Materials offers a wide variety of mulches including premium shredded hardwood bark mulch, dyed red mulch, dyed brown mulch, cedar mulch, western red cedar mulch, and playground mulch.

No matter what kind of project you have from spreading mulch in a kid's play area to having numerous planting beds throughout your yard, we can assist you in finding the right mulch for your taste.

Mulch Type Description Advantages Disadvantages
Premium Shredded
Hardwood Bark Mulch
Shredded Bark from
Hardwood Trees
Horticulturally one of
the best for plants –
Breaks down fairly fast,
providing nutrients to
May have somewhat of an odor . Breaks Down Fast
Need to replenish often
(at least once a year)

Dyed Red Mulch
Dyed Brown Mulch
Construction waste
(Pallets) Shredded
& Dyed.
Provides a covering in
planting beds. Does
not break down as fast a Premium Hard Wood.
Mulch appearance more
pleasing to some.
Color is a personal
choice dye fades due to sunlight (weather / elements) Although color remains, fading begins to occur within a year.

Western Red
Cedar Mulch
Shredded Bark of
Western Red Cedar
Trees Color: Tan / Brown with Red Hue (the appearance of a cedar chest)
Provides some
nutrients to plants
Does not break down
as fast as Premium
Hard Wood Mulch
Cedar Aroma Fairly
Bug Resistant
Lighter than
Premium Hardwood
Bark Mulch.
More expensive

Playground Mulch Wood Fiber
Playground Wood
Color: Blond
Meets or exceeds testing results for ASTM F 1292-99 for impact attenuation. Meets or exceeds testing results for ASTM F 1951-99 for maneuverability. No nutritional
value for plants

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